Miss Linden! |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait & Wedding Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

How cute is this girl? She’s adorable!! Miss Linden did awesome at her session.  When I was back in Mt. Carmel, IL I had the opportunity to photograph her. Linden’s, Mother and I worked together this past year and we had been talking about this session for some time now. I still think she looks like you, Kristi! 🙂 This session was a blast…and I think they turned out absolutely beautiful!
Happy Late Birthday Miss Linden!
Enjoy!!!! 🙂

Thank you so much!! She did awesome! 🙂


The Pitzer’s |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait & Wedding Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

This couple is awesome and they were such a blast to photograph. So I’ll admit I was a little intimidated at first…I mean photographing your Best Friend and her Husband is one thing, but photographing your Best Friend’s parents…(add in the mix of an awesome audience too)..one could understand right?  And they are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary!!  Woah, 25 years..I can’t wait till my Husband and I get there some day!  I think you can tell just how in love they really truly are and it’s so wonderful to be able to capture that.  Thank you guys so much!! Enjoy! 🙂

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The Edrington’s |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait & Wedding Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

This is one of my favorite couples! 🙂 I absolutely love photographing my best friends! It’s a blast seeing their lives change and some day I can’t wait to photograph all your little ones. (*Yes, I will fly back to IL for this*) Until then…I’m so glad that I got to spend an awesome day with the two of you! You guys are adorable and you can tell how in love you guys are.  I know it’s a few months early…but Happy 3 year Anniversary!  (I seriously, can’t believe it’s almost been three years.) Enjoy you too!

I hope Jeremy LOVES the Camo and Guns! 🙂 I think they turned out pretty awesome!!

H’s Homecoming! |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait & Wedding Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

I was beyond blessed to be able to photograph this homecoming and it was such an amazing experience. Rachael and I had gotten in touch a few days before the ceremony and her Husband was scheduled to come home from deployment.  It was wonderful meeting her and being able to hang out before the guys flew in.  I could tell that Rachael was extremely excited an anxious to have her Husband back.  Just a few hours earlier it was storming, but it stopped just in time that everyone could wait outside as the guys disembarked the plane which made for the most perfect sunset.  I had an absolute blast and am so happy that I was able to capture such a special time for them.  I wish you all the best :).

Exciting News!! |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Welcome Everyone,

Anyone notice besides me that the blog got a new look? Let me know what you think of it. 🙂

If you missed my last post, Pink Vintage has relocated to EL PASO, TX.  My Husband, Nathan, and I are enjoying ourselves and the nice HOT, I do mean HOT, weather.  On the plus side I have seen rain once since I moved here not including the storm we ran into on the drive down. Let’s just say that driving through a sand storm is NOT the same as driving through fog.

Anyways, I’ve realized that I have missed updating facebook and my blog in a long time and there are some awesome sessions I haven’t posted so hold tight they will be coming. I promise.

I will be scheduling sessions and have a day of mini sessions planned for August 1-8 in Mt. Carmel, IL. I will post details and exact dates when those are determined. If you are interested please contact me and let me know. There will be limited availability.

Here’s a little something until I post the full session…This family is WONDERFUL and I was excited to photograph
such a loving family.
      *full session will be posted later* 

All my love,


New |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Hey all,

So what has been new with Pink Vintage? Lots of things. Starting with Pink Vintage has moved to El Paso, Tx.  I will be scheduling sessions in Mt. Carmel, IL when I am home visiting. I will be home in August for a wedding and scheduling a few sessions then.

I recently got married April 14 to the most amazing man! I am thrilled and excited to see all the adventures life has to offer us. I will post a few of our wedding pictures later so be on the look out for that.

I may or may not be slightly obsessed with pinterest. To say the least my wedding had quite a few pinterest inspired projects!  You may be also, so you may want to check it out:


Pink Vintage has upgraded…to a brand new website. I am still in the process of updating and loading more portraits to it, so please be patient and check back for updates. Your session may be featured on it! 🙂


If you would like to access a previous session please email me and I will get you the link to your session.

I decided I would keep this blog post short, but check back for more and upcoming adventures and sessions!

All my love,


Why you should have an Engagement Session!!! |Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Hey Everyone,

So I’ve decided the new year is rapidly approaching (I can’t hardly believe how much Pink Vintage Photography has grown) and as some of you may know I’m planning a wedding! 🙂 I’ve been coming across a lot of helpful wedding planning websites/blogs/posts everything under the sun, well moon as I’m writing this. I’m in hopes that some of this information can be helpful to all brides to be.

This first wedding tip is: Why you should have an Engagement Session!!!!


Head on over there and check it out!! You won’t be disappointed!!

Warm Holiday Wishes,


Evan & Beth: Engaged! |Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Hello, Kansas City, Mo!!! Woot woot!! Let’s just say I’ve been itching to see Kansas City for some time now. And thanks to Evan and Beth my dreams finally came true,haha. You see Evan is living out in Kansas City and Beth is in Cincinnati and after their engagement session being rescheduled 2 times I decided I needed to just come to Kansas City to finish up their outdoor pictures. Anyways, the locations were awesome and as always Evan and Beth were a blast to work with. They were up for anything and of course the shoot wouldn’t have been successful if we wouldn’t have gotten to told to stay off and away from the Sculpture as the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum (home of the awesome more than life sized shuttle cocks). Anyways, you can check out their indoor studio session here:


I’m so glad I got to photograph such an AWESOME couple!!! 🙂 Enjoy!!!!

Heineman Family: Cory, Lacey, and Chevy! |Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Wow what a family session! To say the least I had an absolutely fabulous time photographing you and your cute little family! 🙂 Chevy did awesome!!! I’m glad that I got to spend such a fun morning with you at the Alton Park. Who knew that was there? Considering I’ve passed the park a million times and never knew it was a park. Amazing what you miss when you don’t “stop to smell the roses”. Haha. Well, please ENJOY this sneak preview!! 🙂