The Pitzer’s |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait & Wedding Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

This couple is awesome and they were such a blast to photograph. So I’ll admit I was a little intimidated at first…I mean photographing your Best Friend and her Husband is one thing, but photographing your Best Friend’s parents…(add in the mix of an awesome audience too) could understand right?  And they are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary!!  Woah, 25 years..I can’t wait till my Husband and I get there some day!  I think you can tell just how in love they really truly are and it’s so wonderful to be able to capture that.  Thank you guys so much!! Enjoy! 🙂

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B’s Homecoming! |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait & Wedding Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

I have this feeling that Homecomings are never going to get old! 🙂 Maybe it’s because like I said in the previous post I’m a hopeless romantic and a sucker for happy moments!  Kelsey had contacted me a bit before her Husband was scheduled to arrive home. From the moment that she had contacted me her emails were filled with excitement. I knew this homecoming was going to be amazing because Kelsey is one full of life girl. She was beyond thrilled to have her Husband home again (I think you can see it all over her face 🙂 ) and best of all he was coming in the day before her Birthday.  Let’s talk about one Birthday present that I don’t know if it could ever be topped.  Kelsey you and your Husband are absolutely adorable together and I wish you both all the best! Thanks for allowing me to photograph this special event in your lives! 🙂

V’s Homecoming! |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait & Wedding Photographer| Pink Vintage Photograph

A few days ago I had the honor of photographing another homecoming.  As you can tell Yvonne was super excited as well as her little girls and all of her Husband’s family. I just love it that everyone was able to be at the homecoming. And the girls had cute little shirts and tu-tus that their Momma had made. I wish I could have run around in a tutu at the age, instead I rocked the side pony and poofy bangs! 🙂  You could feel all the love and excitement surrounding this beautiful family!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of such a special time in your lives and I can’t wait for your family portraits! 🙂

G’s Homecoming! |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait & Wedding Photographer| Pink Vintage Photograph

WOW! This was an amazing homecoming with one super excited, strong, loving army wife and mother, along with 2 very excited little boys, and their baby brother.  When I arrived at the homecoming ceremony I met Brittany and her three sons. They are absolutely adorable packed with lots of energy and personality.  Brittany was beyond thrilled and the way she spoke of her husband one could tell how much she loves and admires him. 🙂 I think I will let the photographs speak for themselves. Thank you guys SO much for letting me be part of such a special time in your lives and I can’t wait to photograph your beautiful family in September!!

Courtney, Michael, Zoe and Little One on the Way |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Does anyone else remember those really odd warm days we had in like January? Well, it was a lovely surprise to have a session outside in January! Zoe is too adorable and she was super excited about her little Brother on the way.  Courtney you were such a trooper; thanks for being up for anything! And Michael, so you don’t feel left out, you did great too! 🙂 Thank you guys so much for an awesome session! Enjoy!

End of Summer: Mini-Sessions |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography



Aren’t sure? Well, lets talk about it.  Let’s think when the last time was that you had a professional photographer photograph your beautiful family, your children, or you and your husband.  It has probably been quite some time by now. Am I right? I know that everyone is busy and sometimes our Husbands (I’ll agree, I think my Husband would too 🙂 )  are not really the ones for being photographed, but honestly photographs document a point in time and you will cherish those beautiful portraits forever.  When is a better time than now to book that session? Time most certainly gets away from us. So why not? You have nothing to lose only beautiful professional portraits to treasure.  🙂


Fabulous Save The Dates! |Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Save the dates the great debate.

As I’ve been researching save the dates I’ve noticed that some blogs and people will say that they are very important key in wedding planning and the invitation process.  I feel like more than ever though everyones save the dates look the same.  Just a simple picture and the details.  Let’s think, what can we do to make them really stand out.  This has been the question I’ve been asking myself, so designing my save the dates has been an interesting task.  🙂 My feeling is why not step outside the typical save the date box and do something that really expresses you and your Fiance as a couple?!  I do think that Save the Dates can be a great and you can incorporate your engagement session.  While looking up fabulous ideas I came across a blog post that has A LOT and I mean A LOT of ideas.  Keep in mind your photographer would probably LOVE you lots if you wanted something creative, or I would! hehe.


All my love,

Chelsea Miller


P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And Thanks to my clients for an awesome 2011! 🙂

Michael & Lindsay: Engaged! |Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Lindsay and Michael Congratulations on your Engagement!!!! Michael: Lindsay has been talking about getting married to you for as long as I’ve known her. Okay all through college!!! 🙂 I am so very excited for the both of you as you get ready for some new adventures in life. Hello, marriage!!!!

A little back story: Lindsay and I met in college in the art building. Both being photography majors and obsessed with textiles we ended up in a lot of the same classes! Let’s just say I think I had at least one class with her every semester. As college continued we became really great friends! And Lindsay is one of those people that will put a smile on your face no matter what. Oh and cupcakes are her absolute favorite, along with vintage and lace! So anyways, lets fast forward, I’ve been waiting on the day for Lindsay to tell me she was engaged! I knew it would indeed happen and I’m SO excited for her. I’m sure she can remember shopping trips, and picking out rings along with long (I mean all nighters) in the art building! HAHA :). I’m so very honored to be taking your portraits fellow photographer!

Here’s the point: CONGRATULATIONS Lindsay and Michael!!! 🙂 Enjoy your awesome engagement session. I had an absolute blast and I can’t wait for your wedding!!!!

Evan & Beth: Engaged! |Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Evan and Beth were such troopers to say the least. After weather being a big factor in our reschedules we were finally able to at least get the indoor part of their engagement session done. It’s always a shame when it pours down rain for an out of town couple, but I can’t wait for their outdoor session this fall in Kansas City! Be on the look out for those images!!!! Anyways, Evan is practically my brother more or less, so Beth welcome to the family! 🙂 Wanna talk about strength in a relationship? Long distance relationships are some of the strongest and you guys have such a strong and loving relationship, and lets not forget an all around fun couple! I’m so glad that I got to do your engagement session and share the excitement for this new chapter in your lives together! You guys did an AWESOME job! I know the outdoors are going to be just as great! I’m going to keep this short and sweet so ENJOY!!!

Baby Jack and Lyla Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Baby Jack was by far one of the cutest babies ever.  He was wide awake and all smiles! And his big sister Lyla was very helpful.  I had photographed Lyla and her family a few months after they found out they were pregnant.  It was such so much fun to be able to photograph Baby Jack.  I find it amazing how much kids change in just a few short months.  Enjoy! 🙂

And here’s a flash back from last summer!