Courtney, Michael, Zoe and Little One on the Way |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Does anyone else remember those really odd warm days we had in like January? Well, it was a lovely surprise to have a session outside in January! Zoe is too adorable and she was super excited about her little Brother on the way.  Courtney you were such a trooper; thanks for being up for anything! And Michael, so you don’t feel left out, you did great too! 🙂 Thank you guys so much for an awesome session! Enjoy!


End of Summer: Mini-Sessions |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography



Aren’t sure? Well, lets talk about it.  Let’s think when the last time was that you had a professional photographer photograph your beautiful family, your children, or you and your husband.  It has probably been quite some time by now. Am I right? I know that everyone is busy and sometimes our Husbands (I’ll agree, I think my Husband would too 🙂 )  are not really the ones for being photographed, but honestly photographs document a point in time and you will cherish those beautiful portraits forever.  When is a better time than now to book that session? Time most certainly gets away from us. So why not? You have nothing to lose only beautiful professional portraits to treasure.  🙂


Mr. & Mrs. Beyes |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

As I’ve promised I am going to blog the sessions I’ve missed! I apologize to my awesome clients hopefully you all forgive me! 🙂

I remember all to well when Laci told me she got engaged! I just love hearing happy stories and unique proposals. And of course my heart goes out to military couples as you will see her husband, Phil, is a Marine. I was super excited and honored  when she asked me to photograph their wedding. It is always exciting photographing for a friend and I feel like we have special military bond, actually all Military Wives have a weird unspoken bond. I think so at least…maybe it’s just me haha! Anyways, their wedding day had beyond perfect weather and it was in the fall so the leaves were a gorgeous golden color too. Laci was absolutely stunning (I am totally jealous of her dress! I’m a sucker for lace and vintage style.) and their “first look” was just adorable.  They were both thrilled to see each other and share in this special day with their loved ones.


All my love,


Exciting News!! |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Welcome Everyone,

Anyone notice besides me that the blog got a new look? Let me know what you think of it. 🙂

If you missed my last post, Pink Vintage has relocated to EL PASO, TX.  My Husband, Nathan, and I are enjoying ourselves and the nice HOT, I do mean HOT, weather.  On the plus side I have seen rain once since I moved here not including the storm we ran into on the drive down. Let’s just say that driving through a sand storm is NOT the same as driving through fog.

Anyways, I’ve realized that I have missed updating facebook and my blog in a long time and there are some awesome sessions I haven’t posted so hold tight they will be coming. I promise.

I will be scheduling sessions and have a day of mini sessions planned for August 1-8 in Mt. Carmel, IL. I will post details and exact dates when those are determined. If you are interested please contact me and let me know. There will be limited availability.

Here’s a little something until I post the full session…This family is WONDERFUL and I was excited to photograph
such a loving family.
      *full session will be posted later* 

All my love,


New |Mt. Carmel, IL| El Paso, TX | Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Hey all,

So what has been new with Pink Vintage? Lots of things. Starting with Pink Vintage has moved to El Paso, Tx.  I will be scheduling sessions in Mt. Carmel, IL when I am home visiting. I will be home in August for a wedding and scheduling a few sessions then.

I recently got married April 14 to the most amazing man! I am thrilled and excited to see all the adventures life has to offer us. I will post a few of our wedding pictures later so be on the look out for that.

I may or may not be slightly obsessed with pinterest. To say the least my wedding had quite a few pinterest inspired projects!  You may be also, so you may want to check it out:

Pink Vintage has upgraded…to a brand new website. I am still in the process of updating and loading more portraits to it, so please be patient and check back for updates. Your session may be featured on it! 🙂

If you would like to access a previous session please email me and I will get you the link to your session.

I decided I would keep this blog post short, but check back for more and upcoming adventures and sessions!

All my love,