Joey & Katy: Engaged! |Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Joey and Katy are such an adorable, loving, and CREATIVE couple (*see the creativity at the bottom). I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this August. The outdoor session had to be rescheduled due to the storms we keep getting, but I feel it was well worth the wait. And thanks to Katy being such a patient and understanding bride they really rocked their session!

*So back to this idea about creativity: Well, Katy is a very creative person. So she loved making the signs and Joey, he knew not to mess with her, but was glad to lend a helping hand. đŸ™‚ Anyways, Katy loves anything creative, artsy, and vintage. Joey I can’t leave your creativity out of this blog so here it goes: Their proposal story according to Katy! đŸ™‚

“It’s kind of a long story but the previous summer we had mentioned all the things we wanted to do during our break and since we were so busy working and taking summer classes we never got to do any of them. So, on the 23rd, Joey drove me to one of my favorite spots which is just an wide open field (perfect for star gazing) and he had a picnic set up for us (which is one of the things we had wanted to do in the summer) after the picnic he walked to me a row of trees and told me to pick one…then he pulled out a knife and we started carving our initials into the bark (which is another thing we had wanted to do) He started to finish the last initial and then got down on one knee and asked if I would prefer my second initial a “K” or a “D” and of course I said “D” There were other words said, of course, but you get the main idea. It was perfect except for the little cuts i had all of my fingers from trying to carve lol.”

So props to Joey and I’m sure as everyone is soon realizing I’m a sucker for cute propsals!!!!


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