Cute Proposal |Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

So of course I logged into facebook this morning.  Horrible habit I know.  I guess this habit goes along with shopping and many others.  So I’ve “liked” a ton of pages and on my news feed came a super cute  Proposal Story.  Okay so anyone that LOVES Starbucks can appreciate this.  Oh the countless nights I spent in Starbucks getting a Latte so I could stay up and study longer or meeting up with my friends for study dates.  Anyways, everyone needs to hop on over to and check out this story! You’ll love it!



**Boys please take note: cute proposal stories never go unnoticed**


2nd Shooting |Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to 2nd shoot for Matt Vickers of Vickers Photo.  This was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much shooting alongside him.  The wedding was gorgeous and every detail planned very carefully.  All I could say was wow! Emily and Luke got married in Henderson, KY and the reception was at the Centre in Evansville.  I had no idea Henderson was so big, I had only ever driven down the “main strip”. I was in for a surprise and they have some cute bed and breakfasts that we met up and one of them with the bride and her bridesmaids for a brunch and to get their hair done.  The city park was most definitely ideal to shoot at.  After the ceremony they had 4 convertible mustangs lined up outside to take to the reception.  How cool is that? I even got to ride along with the Matron of Honor, her husband, and another bridesmaid.  And I know you’re probably thinking where did they get all of the mustangs, well, it turns out that the bridesmaids all drive them! The reception was stunning every little detail planned out perfectly.  Congrats Emily and Luke!!!

Phew long blog post! Hopefully you made it through the entire thing!

Christy and Logan: Couple Session Mt. Carmel, IL Portrait Photographer| Pink Vintage Photography

Oh what is there to say about these two.  Can you tell they are madly in love? Absolutely adorable? And enjoy each others company? Well I sure can! Maybe because I’ve known Christy forever, but Logan I’m starting to think I’ve known you a really long time too.  I think when I called them to see if they wanted to have another fun shoot they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.  When they arrived I already had a scene set up  for them.  I really wanted them to be able to relax and enjoy the day and each others company being themselves. Enjoy!!!